Incentive is a sats amount to encourage a good answer

  1. Incentive sender is anonymous
  2. Anyone can increase the current incentive
  3. Only signed answers can receive incentives
  4. Incentive is awarded to the signed answer with the most votes
  5. Incentive is awarded 3 days after the first signed answer is posted unless there is a better answer
  6. Every time a better answer is posted the 3 day timer starts over
  7. Incentive only applies to answers posted after the initial incentive was started. If incentive is increased, the time of increase does not matter.
  8. If the answer author does not take custody of the incentive within 7 days the award becomes available to the next best answer

How Much Do You Trust Geneontology?

avatar for macaque-of-demonic-hail
11.9 years ago by

GeneOntology is a nice project to provide a standard terminology for genes and gene functions, to help avoid the use of synonyms and wrong spelling when describing a gene.

I have been using the GeneOntology for a while, but honestly I think that it contains many errors and that many terms have not enough terms associated. Moreover, the terminology they use is not always clear and there are some duplications.

It is frequent to read in article or in slideshows charts were the GO classification is used to infer the properties of a set of genes... But I wonder if the authors check the GO annotations that they use.

What is your experience about GO?


Amount of sats to start or increase the incentive

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