LN Node: bl7

ln.support has multiple nodes you can pay to
normally you only need to open channel to one

Open Channel

Opening channels is for large payments. Currently this only applies to Bounties. Votes and posts take small payments which are handled by the existing liquidity in the network so you normally do not need to open a channel.

Opening a channel is a Bitcoin on-chain transaction. The amount you put into the channel will be available only on the Lightning Network unless the channel is closed. Closing a channel is another Bitcoin on-chain transaction.

To open a channel from your LND node run:

lncli openchannel --node_key 0335f8a501f52e77f7149fe442521f6e3a0ff2119b777f4c8d8d066df6e08c5988 --connect h5f2cnleoyty6gepneeyqmsrovhu6s2qugxvoe7u5bsis3lj2kmgoqyd.onion --local_amt AMOUNT
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